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A Morning in Rossdale

Tom’s first visit to the Rossdale underpass gallery

A lovely Sunday morning walk with Tom, although we were outrunning rain clouds the whole time (it didn’t rain).

We started from my place and then down into Rossdale to show him the paintings on the underpass. They don’t disappoint, and I saw even more the second time.


The main purpose of the walk was to feed Joanne’s cat Jack. The walk was the bonus. 14,611 steps. About 18C.

Walterdale Bridge (Walt Jr) on the way back
Tom and I watching the seagulls
Up the Victoria Road Trail
Blue jay

Murals in Rossdale


Who did this??? It’s frickin’ beautiful!

A few months ago, there was just a few paintings, now it’s covered. It’s the underpass below the James McDonald Bridge, in Rossdale. Wow. Investigation is needed. For now, I will just leave it here.

Terwillegar Stella

Stella posing in front of sculpture

Part of Resonant Progression, by Royden Mills

Finally, a clear blue day. The last week has varied from shades of grey to orange. Mostly orange, thanks to the fires in BC. Most of those days, the sun has been a gold orb. You can stare right at it and not go blind. Sunday, however, the skies cleared. It was a spectacular day. Lots of wind, but I’ll take that over a burnt orange horizon.

Stella doesn’t care, although she loves her orange balls. We went to Terwillegar dog park because it’s a great walk, but also because the new public art installation has opened up – Resonant Progression by sculptor and UAlberta sculpture instructor Royden Mills. Interesting, but difficult to fully take in without some background. It’s interactive, interrelated and involves sound, but the only one who interacted with it was Stella. I will investigate further and return, ready to interact.

The walk was uneventful but beautiful, with some crispiness underfoot and a few daubs of yellow in the canopy. It’s inevitable. Autumn is on the way. Stella loved the river, as usual, and only lost her ball 5,000 times. A good day. A very good day.

11:00-12:00/20C (28C today!)