Holiday Walks

I’ve been off since June 27, a little more than a week. Unlike last year at this time, which was sweltering, May and June have been cool and wet, and July has started off unseasonably cold as well. I don’t want to complain, because my place gets very hot, and rain is always good, buuuut…it’s […]

Victoria Day in Mill Creek Ravine

It’s probably been six months since I’ve walked through Mill Creek Ravine. There was a time when that would have been unimaginable. That gorgeous green space running through the middle of Edmonton was just a few blocks from where I lived in Strathcona for almost two decades, and for most of that time, I was […]

A month of walks

It’s been a good(ish) month, walking-wise, just haven’t posted anything. Among the good news – pretty sure the worms/caterpillars are gone. Bad news – though it’s not really bad, just annoying, it’s been stinking hot. I think of June as the worm month, not the who-turned-the-thermostat-up-to-cremate month. Lots of temps close to 30C. I’m not […]


Other than walks from the University to downtown last week, no big walks since last weekend. And about that university walk, the worms have moved in. I don’t recall the leaf roller caterpillars on the trails below the university before, just along Saskatchewan Drive. But when I was mindlessly hiking along the trail toward the […]

Peak Pink

Another incredible day in the city that favours blue skies over rain. At least, since the beginning of Spring (other than a few hail and snow storms). Had an early morning appointment at the university, so after it was finished around 10:00, I slid over to downtown via the train, and then walked a route […]

Leaf-Roller Caterpillars (and how I hate them)

Absolutely gorgeous day. Spent the morning at work (not so gorgeous), followed by a walk down Saskatchewan Drive into Mill Creek Ravine. Almost too hot, but a nice breeze kept me from swooning (but not sweating.) The trees north of 98th Ave have been devastated by the LEAF ROLLER CATERPILLARS. An entire canopy of leaves […]