Victoria Day in Mill Creek Ravine

It’s probably been six months since I’ve walked through Mill Creek Ravine. There was a time when that would have been unimaginable. That gorgeous green space running through the middle of Edmonton was just a few blocks from where I lived in Strathcona for almost two decades, and for most of that time, I was […]

A month of walks

It’s been a good(ish) month, walking-wise, just haven’t posted anything. Among the good news – pretty sure the worms/caterpillars are gone. Bad news – though it’s not really bad, just annoying, it’s been stinking hot. I think of June as the worm month, not the who-turned-the-thermostat-up-to-cremate month. Lots of temps close to 30C. I’m not […]


Other than walks from the University to downtown last week, no big walks since last weekend. And about that university walk, the worms have moved in. I don’t recall the leaf roller caterpillars on the trails below the university before, just along Saskatchewan Drive. But when I was mindlessly hiking along the trail toward the […]

Peak Pink

Another incredible day in the city that favours blue skies over rain. At least, since the beginning of Spring (other than a few hail and snow storms). Had an early morning appointment at the university, so after it was finished around 10:00, I slid over to downtown via the train, and then walked a route […]

Leaf-Roller Caterpillars (and how I hate them)

Absolutely gorgeous day. Spent the morning at work (not so gorgeous), followed by a walk down Saskatchewan Drive into Mill Creek Ravine. Almost too hot, but a nice breeze kept me from swooning (but not sweating.) The trees north of 98th Ave have been devastated by the LEAF ROLLER CATERPILLARS. An entire canopy of leaves […]

A final stroll in Mill Creek…for awhile

On this, my last day of holidays (until July), I took the train downtown and then walked into Louise McKinney to view the rising North Saskatchewan River. It is high, and moving fast, but I’ve seen higher. Lots of debris in the water, and once again, the seagulls have been usurped from their island home […]