November In Like a (frozen) Lion

Snow dog!

Holy cow. On Halloween, it rained/sleeted. By November 1, winter arrived with a frigid vengeance. And it hasn’t stopped snowing. In total, I’d guess we’ve had about 15cm so far. I checked back over seven years of my walking blog, and of those, we had snow at this time in November in 2012, 2013 and now, 2017, or three times out of eight. Having said that, by the end of November, we always had snow, except for last year where we had to “wait” until December 4.

It’s just so sudden.

The end of October was lovely. On October 23, my birthday and also Tom’s, we went for a walk in the river valley and it was gorgeous. I can’t remember the temperature but it was about 18C. Right now, it’s -12C, and yes, it’s snowing. Stella and I went for a walk in the ‘hood this morning for about a half hour and it was cold but doable. Other than dog walks, not much walking since late October.

Birthday walk in Glenora and the river valley

I want to welcome winter. I don’t want to wish away any day, or season, but too soon, man. Too soon.

Tom, in the woods


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