Walked in the mudflats of Whitemud today with the dog and my niece. Managed to hit the one hour (so far) where the sun was able to shine unobscured by the ever present cumulonimbus. Not complaining, we needed the rain, and the skies have been truly spectacular, but a little warmth and sunshine are most welcome. Aside from the muck on the trails, it was beautiful and humid in the woods. Saw my first mosquito of the season, and not surprisingly, first dragonfly, as well as some tadpole-like fish in the water. Or maybe they were just tadpoles.

On the way home, Maggie got stung by a bee. She was pawing at something in the grass, and then yelped. A fat bumblebee (with a spot on his head) tried to crawl away, but I think they are goners once they sting something. Maggie kept shaking her paw, but when I stopped to feel for a stinger, I couldn’t find one. She was fine after a few minutes. I’m guessing the bee was not.

It’s been a big day for wildlife. On the way over to the Strathcona Farmer’s Market, we saw two big turtles strolling down the street by Artifacts, with no accompaniment. And then, near the new Hole’s Enjoy Centre, a pelican on a pole sticking out of a wetland, a few sheep farther down the street, tadpoles, and finally, the angry bee. Also, a wet dog, but that’s normal. She can’t stay out of the creek.


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