And there we stayed...

Another wasted day, and it was a holiday, of all things, and of my choosing. I wish I’d chosen better. Very cold, too cold to walk. Missed a hair appointment, or wrote down the wrong time, not sure. Waited around for a (kindly) rescheduled app’t later in the day. Nothing accomplished except some freshly shorn locks and a few chapters further into a book that’s already stale from inattention. Poor eating. A handful of Chips Ahoy cookies and not a drop of water until twenty minutes ago. Pop. Coffee. Feeling anxious, bored and a little, I don’t know, dispersed. Not the exact word I’m looking for, just something that means not present. Crap food and no exercise is the direct path to this sorry state of affairs.

At least it was sunny.

7:11PM/-23C (and refreshingly windy)

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