This bench not recommended unless you have rubber pants...

Nice walk. Last time I was able to walk home in the river valley after work (in November), I was outrunning the sun. I’m outrunning it again, or trying to, but at least the sun sets a little later every day.

Beautiful temperature after a few spectacularly cold days. Took the train to central station and a very loud and messy downtown, over to the MacDonald Hotel, the stairs, up Grierson Hill (for the exercise, not the aesthetics), McKinney and finally Mill Creek. Still not back to a full river valley walk, but soon. A few centimetres of snow the other day covered the ice, but the warm weather will uncover it. Not today, though. The trails were still white and crunchy. Perfect.


Sunrise: 8:18 am /Sunset: 5:17 pm

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