Back In Whitemud

I’ve been back since Monday night, but other than a short but restorative (for Maggie) walk on Thursday, today was the first day back in the south woods, otherwise known as Whitemud. Such a blue sky today! And such a wind, but as long as the assorted face parts weren’t turned in the direction of the blowy bits, it was extremely nice outside.

Who's a good doggie!

You know, I enjoyed walking¬†Eddie, but one always has to be vigilant with a dog bred for the racetrack. A rabbit, or anything that even remotely resembles a rabbit is irresistible to a sight hound, and for that reason (and um…a few other anti-social tendencies), Eddie could not be let off the leash. Maggie on the other hand, is completely trustworthy off leash. What she lacks in speed she makes up for in joy. She runs ahead, but always stops, looks back, and then runs ahead again. It’s pure pleasure to walk her. I just wish she wouldn’t eat rabbit poop.¬†As nice as it was to have a few weeks back in Mill Creek, and parts thereof, it’s great to be back ‘home’, and out and about with my best dog by my side.


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