Back in Mill Creek

Party favours in Mill Creek Ravine

I think I hurt myself today. Walked for more than two hours in the river valley. Making up for lost time, I suppose. Walked Eddie for about a half hour in Rossdale this morning, and when he was too cold to continue, I dumped him back home and took off for Louise McKinney. And then Mill Creek. My knee was still a little pooched from yesterday (I was literally carrying a vacuum on my back…long story), and it was throbbing on the downhills, but I was really keen on visiting my old haunts. Silly really…it barely feels like I’ve been away once I’m in the river valley, and yet when I’m riding the LRT home to my other place in south Edmonton, it feels like a million years ago.

Mill Creek was festooned with wooden luminaria and paper lights for the Winter Light Festival this weekend. Didn’t attend…maybe next year, but it must have been beautiful. Other than that, a lovely, overcast walk in the woods. By hour two, the sun came out, but I spent most of my walk in the dim light of midwinter. Even the dogs were washed out. It was light-coloured dog day in the ravine. Lots of labs and retrievers, all of them of the blonde persuasion. Funny how that happens sometimes. After four months of walking with Maggie, it was strange to be dogless on the trails, but there were plenty of fondles and licks to go around.


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