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Beautiful Whitemud Ravine

Red and fabulous

Nice, warm walk in Whitemud Ravine (south) this afternoon. We’ve had a beautiful September and October is starting off pretty nice too. 22C!

The entrance to Whitemud Ravine (via Westbrook) never fails to impress

I was in Whitemud Ravine (via Westbrook) by 1:50 so it was already packed, mostly with families. Walked from the far south end to Rainbow Valley Road. Slightly under an hour, mostly because I didn’t take Stella. She has a few issues with hills these days so I was just by myself. I associate that ravine with Maggie and Stella, so it’s always a bit weird to be without a dog.

Iconic viewpoint
Birch poplar grove
Whitemud Creek Ravine trail
Everywhere you look, prettiness

I would say we are slightly past peak fall, but it was still gorgeous. The creek was very low, we haven’t had a lot of rain lately. I was wearing capris but could have worn shorts. I haven’t put the fake tan goop on my legs for about two weeks, so it’s probably better to deal with the heat and cover my snowy white legs, which rarely tan on their own (but they do freckle).

View from the new bridge, which somehow has less of an elevation than the former stairs
Beauty view
The creek!
The ‘slough’
he final bridge (next to Rainbow Valley Road)
Facing east (at the end of Whitemud South)
River of leaves

I See Yellow

Yellow + Blue = Beautiful

A particularly yellow walk after work through the museum, and then over to Glenora/Oliver. Nothing remarkable, other than the sunshine and blue sky.

Sunny after work walk through the museum
My favourite view from the musuem

Autumn Eve

View from Ezio Faraone Park

Another amazeballs walk, this time on Autumn Eve around lunchtime. Always funny how when Autumn hits every year (this year, September 22), it’s already Peak Fall in Edmonton, followed in quick succession by the brown season and then snow. Nevertheless, it’s very beautiful and we’ve been getting great weather, but the ominous presence of winter looms.

A lunchtime walk on the trail above Victoria Park Golf Course
You look pretty Victoria Park Golf Course
High Level Bridge
The rare species known as ‘red flowers’
Ezio Faraone Park

A bit windy, but about 18C and very colourful. 10,222 steps.

Even the gutters are pretty

Thanks, Smoke.

The sun was sheathed in haze all day

A smoky, hazy day. You could tell that it would have been a blue sky day, and possibly warmer, if not for the smoke. It’s been like that for a few days. No blue makes me blue.

The trail itself (at the Museum) sucks, but the entrance is one of my favourite spots these days.

Posted by Donna McKinnon on Saturday, September 19, 2020

Still, very nice and very autumnal. Also…a quartet in Alexander Circle (near the Glenora fountain)! And….after 10 years I JUST realized I can upload a video in this blog platform. Who knew?

More weird sky. The grassy area just to the south of the paved trail into MacKinnon Ravine.
The aforementioned paved trail…

18C, 11,492 steps.

The Smoke Has Arrived

View to the south west was a haze of smoke

An extra long after work walk today because I didn’t realize the trail that goes up from MacKinnon Ravine to Glenora (near the Alexander Circle Fountain) was closed off for repair!

In MacKinnon Ravine, looking east. Just blue sky, no smoke!

Sooo I had to take the long way to Tom’s, back down into the ravine, up to 142nd Street (I cheated and took the stairs) eventually winding my way back. By the time I reached his place, and we walked to mine, 12,206 steps and about 90 minutes.

Gorgeous day
Deeper into MacKinnon Ravine
Stairs were longer and steeper than they look here, I swear…
View from the top, overlooking MacKinnon Ravine

Definite smoke from the US on the horizon, depending on which way you looked. East, clear blue sky. West, smoky haze. Gorgeous day though. Sunny and 19C. Even saw a random Buddha.

Hey buddy…

Uh Oh It’s Autumn

Hmm…something’s different….

Welp, it really autumn’d this week. Still mostly green, but the uptick in red and yellow just in one week is astonishing. Also it was chilly, about 10C. Also it was cloudy, which gets a big boo from me. But still a nice late after-work walk in the usual places (Oliver, Museum, Glenora…).

Suddenly, fall. Taken near the paved trail into the river valley in Glenora, east of the fountain
Now in red
Now in green
Whuh happened to the green??