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Not really sunset, but an evening sun (around 7 pm) over MacKinnon Bridge looking west

Hard to know if this should be under the heading of: a day in the life of Donna or; you can’t write this stuff.

Tom and I were out for an evening walk, and I tripped. Didn’t hurt myself too much, a slightly scraped hand, broken sunglasses, a sore boob. The usual. The funny part was that an hour prior, I had put on some fake tan stuff on my legs. As we were walking, I said to Tom, “this is great because I just put some self tanner on my legs so I need to stay upright.” Actually, more like, …upriiiiiiggghhttahhh. Literally, I tripped as that word came out of my mouth.

I usually trip once a year. I guess considering the number of walks I go on and the amount of territory I cover, it’s not a surprise that I trip every now and then, but I do seem to trip more than others. The other thing is that I always fall forward, other than that spectacular fall backward on black ice in 2020. I think I need to work on my core strength.

Tom o’er MacKinnon Bridge

Other than that, a really beautiful evening walk. 23C. Doesn’t seem quite as humid.

Other side of the MacKinnon Bridge, looking east
A familiar sight, and sound. The fountain in Alexander Circle, Glenora.

Oh no, it’s the rapture

What a beautiful evening! Slipped out for a walk while Tom was napping. Tomorrow, more rain, but tonight we feast on sunshine and green, green grass.

On the way home just past MacKinnon bridge on the north side, there was an entire wardrobe of clothes draped sporadically around the rails and pathway, including a pair of pants. The rapture? Don’t tell me those bastards were right.

The bridge over MacKinnon Ravine – the site of the latest rapture episode?

About 20C

A Respite From the Rain

MacKinnon Ravine

It was an absolutely beautiful day. Everything is so waterlogged (but green!) — the sun is a welcome sight. Made it down to the (very high) river. We are 30 to 50 mm above our normal rainfall for June, and there’s still 6 days left!

The ducks are enjoying the rain
Underneath the MacKinnon Ravine bridge
As of today…

Addendum on June 29 (from Josh Classen): “Despite a near-average number of days WITH rain…we’ve received WAY more measurable precip than “normal”. Long-term average for June is 78mm. We’re at 114mm so far this June with even higher amounts elsewhere in the city.”

22C, about 14,000 steps (including walking around Safeway).


Tuesday afternoon (view from the bedroom). It begins…

It happens every year, but every year it’s a drag. The spring snowstorm(s). I had five days off at Easter (April 15-19) and only one of those days was nice (Monday, April 18). The rest were either too windy and dreary to walk, or snowmaggedon (Tuesday, April 19 – about 15cm). Yes, it’s pretty, and yes, the moisture is good, but it’s still deflating. When I lived close to Mill Creek Ravine, the day after would have guaranteed I’d be in the snow covered woods, but it’s different now, with two people and a ravine that is quite steep. That’s my excuse anyway…

Early evening
The next morning…
Mid morning
Bye snow…

In praise of tables…and coyotes

Yo, dog

Tom and I often end up at a coffee shop during our walks, so this is just a little appreciation post for tables. I mean, regular waist-level tables that you can rest your arms on and lean into, not the barbaric knee-level tables in coffee shops that are meant to be ‘casual’ but are actually the opposite, cruelly exposing one’s soft underbelly and leaving us open to all manner of predatory attack. And what do you do with your arms?? It’s a minor quibble, but for those of us who are not comfortable exposing ourselves to strangers, give us normal tables. And thanks for the coffee.

Also, we saw a coyote along Ravine Drive next to MacKinnon Ravine. He seemed unimpressed by our presence, focused on something in the bush. Also, he seemed to be molting, or hadn’t seen a brush for awhile. Tom spotted this one, and also the last one we saw in Glenora near his old house. He’s got some kind of coyote radar.

Run away little squirrel/rabbit/dog/cat…

The walk was pleasant enough. -2C but very windy, as all of the days have been in April.