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Lunchtime Walk

Friedrichian landscape

Beautiful lunch time walk today with Tom. I drove over and we walked his usual route from Glenora to MacKinnon Ravine and Laurier.

Tom, along Ravine Drive
From MacKinnon Ravine

I could only go so far because I had to go back to work, but Tom carried on for another couple of hours. I went down into MacKinnon Ravine and was met with a damp, empty trail. It was a bit eerie. Once I got to the open part of the trail next to the river, there were more people.

More Friedrichian landscape…

The colour in the sky today, even though it was overcast, was quite Friedrichian – greys and yellows. Some blue sky but mostly a mottled grey.

The trail going up to Glenora

13C, about 90 minutes.

The Sun Returns!

Frosty in MacKinnon Ravine

I was having a tough time with the weather until lately. It was pretty nice early October, but for two weeks (up until Sunday) it was gloomy, cold, snowy and in all ways just plain ugly. The snow was gross, but the clouds felt like a bag of dead cats on my shoulders. I am really affected by the sky. If it’s not blue, I’m blue.

My beloved museum trail
In MacKinnon Ravine, looking north

The sun came out two days after my birthday however, and it’s been off and on sunny ever since. It rained as well, so all the snow is gone. Today, the sky was bright blue and so I went for a 90 minute walk at lunch (a late lunch, I left at 1 pm) to take advantage of the blue sky and to celebrate a story I just completed for work. I often go after work over to Tom’s to pick him up but the sun sets early now, so around 4:45 when I would normally leave we’re already into ‘the gloaming’, not my favourite time of day. The light is diffuse, like it is now as I write this, obscuring the sun.

At 1 pm, however, it was just gorgeous. I feel so much better!

Looking over MacKinnon Ravine

I walked down into the river valley from the Victoria promenade, and then through MacKinnon Ravine and up into Glenora. In some places, there was still pretty frost on the leaves, but it was mostly warm(ish), bright and lovely. Not surprisingly, I ran into Tom.

The walk up to Glenora (which I did not do)

About 90 minutes in total, 11,000 steps. 7C.

Thanks, Smoke.

The sun was sheathed in haze all day

A smoky, hazy day. You could tell that it would have been a blue sky day, and possibly warmer, if not for the smoke. It’s been like that for a few days. No blue makes me blue.

The trail itself (at the Museum) sucks, but the entrance is one of my favourite spots these days.

Posted by Donna McKinnon on Saturday, September 19, 2020

Still, very nice and very autumnal. Also…a quartet in Alexander Circle (near the Glenora fountain)! And….after 10 years I JUST realized I can upload a video in this blog platform. Who knew?

More weird sky. The grassy area just to the south of the paved trail into MacKinnon Ravine.
The aforementioned paved trail…

18C, 11,492 steps.

The Smoke Has Arrived

View to the south west was a haze of smoke

An extra long after work walk today because I didn’t realize the trail that goes up from MacKinnon Ravine to Glenora (near the Alexander Circle Fountain) was closed off for repair!

In MacKinnon Ravine, looking east. Just blue sky, no smoke!

Sooo I had to take the long way to Tom’s, back down into the ravine, up to 142nd Street (I cheated and took the stairs) eventually winding my way back. By the time I reached his place, and we walked to mine, 12,206 steps and about 90 minutes.

Gorgeous day
Deeper into MacKinnon Ravine
Stairs were longer and steeper than they look here, I swear…
View from the top, overlooking MacKinnon Ravine

Definite smoke from the US on the horizon, depending on which way you looked. East, clear blue sky. West, smoky haze. Gorgeous day though. Sunny and 19C. Even saw a random Buddha.

Hey buddy…

Uh Oh It’s Autumn

Hmm…something’s different….

Welp, it really autumn’d this week. Still mostly green, but the uptick in red and yellow just in one week is astonishing. Also it was chilly, about 10C. Also it was cloudy, which gets a big boo from me. But still a nice late after-work walk in the usual places (Oliver, Museum, Glenora…).

Suddenly, fall. Taken near the paved trail into the river valley in Glenora, east of the fountain
Now in red
Now in green
Whuh happened to the green??

Labour Day Loveliness

Purplely and pleasurable!

Surprise! Another gorgeous after-work walk. 14,488 steps. 24C AND it’s a long weekend!! This will mostly be a photo post. It’s been a long week, and it’s always so rejuvenating to head out after work into the river valley, which is still sporting so much colour.

On my way…
More purplely pleasure!
Yellowy yarrow (I think)
Thickly thistlely I
Thickly thistlely II
The start of MacKinnon Ravine, looking east
MacKinnon Ravine, looking north
Leaves I
Leaves II
Leaves III