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Beautiful Whitemud Ravine

Red and fabulous

Nice, warm walk in Whitemud Ravine (south) this afternoon. We’ve had a beautiful September and October is starting off pretty nice too. 22C!

The entrance to Whitemud Ravine (via Westbrook) never fails to impress

I was in Whitemud Ravine (via Westbrook) by 1:50 so it was already packed, mostly with families. Walked from the far south end to Rainbow Valley Road. Slightly under an hour, mostly because I didn’t take Stella. She has a few issues with hills these days so I was just by myself. I associate that ravine with Maggie and Stella, so it’s always a bit weird to be without a dog.

Iconic viewpoint
Birch poplar grove
Whitemud Creek Ravine trail
Everywhere you look, prettiness

I would say we are slightly past peak fall, but it was still gorgeous. The creek was very low, we haven’t had a lot of rain lately. I was wearing capris but could have worn shorts. I haven’t put the fake tan goop on my legs for about two weeks, so it’s probably better to deal with the heat and cover my snowy white legs, which rarely tan on their own (but they do freckle).

View from the new bridge, which somehow has less of an elevation than the former stairs
Beauty view
The creek!
The ‘slough’
he final bridge (next to Rainbow Valley Road)
Facing east (at the end of Whitemud South)
River of leaves

A Morning in Rossdale

Tom’s first visit to the Rossdale underpass gallery

A lovely Sunday morning walk with Tom, although we were outrunning rain clouds the whole time (it didn’t rain).

We started from my place and then down into Rossdale to show him the paintings on the underpass. They don’t disappoint, and I saw even more the second time.


The main purpose of the walk was to feed Joanne’s cat Jack. The walk was the bonus. 14,611 steps. About 18C.

Walterdale Bridge (Walt Jr) on the way back
Tom and I watching the seagulls
Up the Victoria Road Trail
Blue jay

Autumn Eve

View from Ezio Faraone Park

Another amazeballs walk, this time on Autumn Eve around lunchtime. Always funny how when Autumn hits every year (this year, September 22), it’s already Peak Fall in Edmonton, followed in quick succession by the brown season and then snow. Nevertheless, it’s very beautiful and we’ve been getting great weather, but the ominous presence of winter looms.

A lunchtime walk on the trail above Victoria Park Golf Course
You look pretty Victoria Park Golf Course
High Level Bridge
The rare species known as ‘red flowers’
Ezio Faraone Park

A bit windy, but about 18C and very colourful. 10,222 steps.

Even the gutters are pretty

It’s NOT fall…

A calm river

We’ve had some coolish temperatures in the last couple of days and a few, yellow leaves are blowing around on the ground. I am not looking forward to Autumn. It’s beautiful, and in the thick of it, I love it, but it’s always too soon. Always. We never get a full August without some hint of autumn in the canopy. And once it starts, it’s so quick. As I have said before, September (along with May) is the most changeable month. It starts out summery, and by the end, it is almost past-peak fall.

Folks having fun on the golf course…
A summer scene…

The day started off very grey and cold, but by the afternoon the sun was shining. I had planned on making some pies with a huge bag of Tom’s apples, but the draw of the summer afternoon was too strong.


It was very cheering to walk into the river valley via the Victoria Golf Course and be surrounded by deep, deep green and full, swaying foliage. There were lots of golfers and some physically distant activity happening on the grounds, with the sound of laughter wafting through the trees. It was all so…normal. Kind of a gift.

More river
Heading into MacKinnon Ravine

Once I was past the golf course, I walked along river road and then up into Glenora via the paved trail. It really felt like summer. I then met up with Tom and we walked back into Oliver via the museum, now a favourite route. I ended up with about 15,000 steps. The temperature never got above 18C, but that was OK. The good news? It’s still summer.


Heat, Thy Name is Humidity

I give you, the creeping bell flower. I thought it was a bluebell.

Holy boob sweat! A gorgeous but very humid walk just after a brief rain storm this morning and before the next, apparently bigger storm this afternoon.

Victoria Park Road trail

Still can’t bring myself to leave as early as Tom (5:30 am). Just after 11 am, the temperature was about 22C but with the mugginess it seemed warmer, with the exception of an occasional ‘delicious’ breeze, to quote Marilyn Monroe.

Victoria Park Road trail II
Hills of colour

Spotted several spotted Ladybug pupae (apparently) on the creeping bellflowers, which are (apparently) and invasive (but very pretty) wildflower species.

More pretty invasive species…

Overall just under two hours, 12,200 steps. Down the Victoria Park Road to River Road and then (eventually) up the super humid hill in MacKinnon Ravine. I walked over to 107 Ave so that I could take a longer, shadier route to the grocery store (City Market in Oliver Square), where once again I was disappointed by their produce.

Not a ladybug but a ladybug pupae (according to Sharon)

In spite of the humidity, I’m glad that the heat wave has broken, at least for today.

Heading into MacKinnon Ravine

Beating the Heat

A perfect day (at least in the morning) in MacKinnon Ravine

Happy August! Early(ish) walk this morning, although not as early as Tom who left at 5:50 am. I tried, but needed another hour of sleep (and breakfast) so I left around 8:30 am.

I picked a now familiar walk down the stairs from Victoria promenade but this time I went all the way down to Victoria golf course, turned right on River Road and into MacKinnon Ravine.

One of the many little monkey trails in MacKinnon Ravine

It was already warm in the sun, but I stuck to the shade where possible. Thankfully the short, steep hill up to MacKinnon bridge was still entirely in shade. Two guys ahead of me were wearing large backpacks. I said hi but didn’t stop to ask if they were in training, or traveling (unlikely) or what they were up to with such a heavy load on a hot day. I’m glad to see that people on the trails are still friendly in spite of the distancing protocols.

Beautiful Glenora (Ravine Drive)
The North Saskatchewan River from Glenora

Once across the bridge, I wound my way around Ravine Drive and Glenora. Close to the always magnificent Graenon heritage house, I spotted a bonus wasp nest. I got as close as I could to take a photo but it was absolutely buzzing with life so I kept my distance.


I decided to walk around the museum on the way home to bump up my steps, and then a sweaty walk the rest of the way home.

In total, about an hour and a half, 11,500+ steps. It was around 18C at 8:30 when I left. It’s now 22C on the way to 30C. Ugh. I will be happy to see the end of this heat wave.