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Tuesday afternoon (view from the bedroom). It begins…

It happens every year, but every year it’s a drag. The spring snowstorm(s). I had five days off at Easter (April 15-19) and only one of those days was nice (Monday, April 18). The rest were either too windy and dreary to walk, or snowmaggedon (Tuesday, April 19 – about 15cm). Yes, it’s pretty, and yes, the moisture is good, but it’s still deflating. When I lived close to Mill Creek Ravine, the day after would have guaranteed I’d be in the snow covered woods, but it’s different now, with two people and a ravine that is quite steep. That’s my excuse anyway…

Early evening
The next morning…
Mid morning
Bye snow…

In praise of tables…and coyotes

Yo, dog

Tom and I often end up at a coffee shop during our walks, so this is just a little appreciation post for tables. I mean, regular waist-level tables that you can rest your arms on and lean into, not the barbaric knee-level tables in coffee shops that are meant to be ‘casual’ but are actually the opposite, cruelly exposing one’s soft underbelly and leaving us open to all manner of predatory attack. And what do you do with your arms?? It’s a minor quibble, but for those of us who are not comfortable exposing ourselves to strangers, give us normal tables. And thanks for the coffee.

Also, we saw a coyote along Ravine Drive next to MacKinnon Ravine. He seemed unimpressed by our presence, focused on something in the bush. Also, he seemed to be molting, or hadn’t seen a brush for awhile. Tom spotted this one, and also the last one we saw in Glenora near his old house. He’s got some kind of coyote radar.

Run away little squirrel/rabbit/dog/cat…

The walk was pleasant enough. -2C but very windy, as all of the days have been in April.

Buddha or Larry Tate?

Buddha or Larry Tate?

Beautiful, blue sky day, and we deserve it. Great walk with Tom around the greater ‘hood. Also, at the risk of dating myself, is it just me or does the Buddha look like Larry Tate from Bewitched?

Bluer than blue: MacKinnon Ravine

Ravine is open!

Gorgeous day! Walk down through the surprisingly open Ramsay Ravine (the one in Glenora) to the river. They’ve been doing some much needed erosion maintenance, and also it’s been too icy. The trail was good though.

About 5C but felt much warmer. With grocery shopping early this morning (before the incredible Oilers game at 10:30 am) and then the walk, my total steps: 14,959.

Not too icy, thanks to the sand.
Tom ahead of me. Sunnier than it looked from this direction.