Friday Beauty


Hill heading toward Groat trail, with some unidentified person…

Autumn continues its spectacular roll out, spreading colour and cooler temperatures across Edmontonland. We had a short reprieve last week, with hot summer weather, sandals and shorts. Tom and I went for our usual (and always wonderful) after-work Friday walk to Remedy on 124th. It was so beautiful. Intense blue skies. Incredible hits of red, amber and green. The walk begins below the University along Emily Murphy Park trail, over the Groat bridge, and then along river road to Groat Road trail (or whatever it’s called). The trail ends in Glenora, and then east to 124th. It’s become a tradition. Not sure if we’ll be able to continue it in the winter, but perhaps.


Not much walking other than that. Next week looks cooler, and today (Sunday) it’s wet, cold and windy.

Trail up to Glenora

Trail up to Glenora

102nd Street Bridge

102nd Street Bridge

Friday 24C/4:00 to 5:00 PM

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