35cm of Snow and the Powerline is Open

That was yesterday. The snow arrived on Wednesday. A lot of it. Tons of snow. Also, signs the close-by powerline route into Whitemud Ravine was open again, but I wasn’t able to check this until Friday. Took an extra long weekend. Maggie and I plowed through the duvet of snow layering the city and discovered that yes, after almost five months, the trail was open again! I swear, when that dog saw that the hill was open, she started running. I ran too, as much as possible. We ran and slid our way down the hill and over the bridge. It was completely quiet, except for Whitemud Creek, which was inexplicably still flowing black and cold beneath puff balls of snow. Thick snow around the creek. There is no trail, but we’ll make one.

It is spectacularly beautiful outside, as if Christmas is right around the corner. Other than the driving, it would be impossible not to love winter on a day like yesterday and today, especially with the sun out.



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