Hello River Valley

My view for two weeks

I’m back baby! Or…I’m back for two weeks, now a little more than one week. Walking to and from work in the river valley, and looking forward to a couple of marathon walks in the woods this weekend. Probably won’t take the whippet on the longer walks, simply because his heart condition, although managed, makes me a little fearful of running him too vigorously. Not that I run, but the point is I don’t know CPR, especially on a dog with a snout as long as an anteater’s.

Being back in a walkable neighbourhood is fantastic. It’s still dark in the morning, so I can’t hit my usual trails, but I know the area well, and there are many alternatives to the secluded, wooded areas in and around the river valley. Yeah, these routes are alongside traffic and lights (and therefore theoretically safe), but it’s given me a chance to catch up on my Bugle podcasts.

Hope the sun comes out this weekend. Although I’ve been here since Sunday evening, my walks have either been in the pitch black dawn or at twilight.


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