Sunday in the Ravine with Maggie

Morning in Whitemud Ravine

Coupla good walks this weekend. Took Maggie up to the little man-made lake by the powerline yesterday. Lots of pond scum, and yet the ducks were still bouncing about on the water.  Today, we walked to the second bridge in Whitemud Creek ravine. Lovely morning. Bit of a chill, but I was wearing my jacket around my waist on the way home. Overhead, geese flying south.

Can’t seem to take a decent picture in this neck of the woods. Not sure why. Maybe it’s the lighting. The orientation of the ravine. The different landscape. Operator error. My previous routes touched on several parks and trails, whereas this area only has one ravine.

Next week I’ll be in my old stomping grounds for an appointment. When I moved on the 29th, autumn was only beginning to touch the leaves in Mill Creek. I’m sure it’s much more advanced now. Whitemud Creek looks mid-fall in some places.

You are scum

Unlike Mill Creek, Whitemud Creek is pretty stagnant. It’s got a lot of water; a kind of river wannabe. Not a lot of rocks, so very little movement, and no sound. I blame the beavers. There are several, large dams. Nevertheless, Maggie always insists on a little dip. Speaking of which, the walk today was two hours, the length of the walk last week that broke her. She’s currently flaked out on her blankie beside me. No whining. Some snoring. Good doggie.


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