Blue Skies Shining On Me…and Some Giant Strawberries

Shoulders relaxing...

When I left for my walk around 1:30, it was overcast and cool. And then about 45 minutes in, the sun came out and the skies cleared. It always surprises me how different a day can feel depending on what the sky is doing. Even within the same hour. As much as I like a cloudy day for the opportunities it affords, such as reading and brooding, a blue sky feels like some sort of undeserved grace.

A road-side fruit stand

I was hoping to get a shot of the ferris wheel in Louise McKinney, but alas, the circus had left town, with only a few scattered strawberries to collect. Michael certainly has the setup and deconstruction of his Amusements down to an art. Wonder where he’ll amuse himself next?

The Turtle Effigy rock labyrinth is still on display at the top of the hill. As mentioned, it’s part of The Works, and therefore temporary, but I kind of hope it stays. I’m getting increasingly fond of the rocky formation. It’s actually a mash-up of aboriginal and celtic mythology, and I think it is a lovely addition to the park, giant strawberries notwithstanding.

3:00 PM/18C

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